Prut River Basin: Key water issues

Prut River Basin: Key water issues
May 2015 | Print | Brochure

The Environmental Protection of International River Basins (EPIRB) project aims to improve the quality of water in transboundary river basins in the wider Black Sea region, including Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. One of the specific objectives is to improve technical capacities by developing river basin management plans (RBMPs) in selected pilot river basins, according to the requirements of the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD). One of the selected pilot basins is the Prut River basin, which begins in western Ukraine and extends along the border between Romania and Moldova. This brochure, published in English, Romanian and Ukrainian, summarises a review of the pressures and impacts on water bodies in the Prut River basin, prepared in the framework of the EPIRB project.

The EU-funded EPIRB project is implemented with the assistance of the REC’s Water Management Topic Area, as part of a consortium led by Hulla and Co. Human Dynamics KG.

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