Climate Gateway - Issue 6

Climate Gateway - Issue 6
December 2014 | Print | Leaflet

The OrientGate project aims to coordinate climate change adaptation efforts in South Eastern Europe (SEE) by building a lasting partnership between communities that produce climate knowledge and communities that apply that knowledge in regional planning. The project newsletter provides partners with a means of exchanging information and best practices.

Issue 6, the final project newsletter, features an editorial contributed by Antonio Navarra of lead partner the Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change (CMCC), in which he describes how the project has fully met, and even surpassed, the partners’ original expectations. The newsletter also summarises the results of the six pilot studies carried out under OrientGate’s three thematic centres and reports on seminars and workshops organised to disseminate and share project outputs. A separate article describes how, in Romania, the pilot study carried out in the agricultural sector has already contributed to the development of the low-carbon green growth programme, aimed at achieving national and EU requirements in the field of climate change. Along with reviews of two key project outputs the Guidelines on Integrating Climate Change Knowledge into Planningand the OrientGate Data Platform, a summary of the final project conference outlines how partners are keen to continue working together and building on the results achieved in order to tackle remaining challenges.

The OrientGate project is implemented with the contribution of the REC's Environmental Financing and Climate Change and Clean Energy Topic Areas, and is co-funded by the South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme.

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