Carbon Lowdown – Issue 4

Carbon Lowdown

Newsletter of the LOCSEE project

December 2014 | Print | Periodical

The LOCSEE (Low Carbon South East Europe) project builds the capacities of institutions dealing with climate change and strengthens the involvement of key stakeholders in policy development across the SEE region. Issue 4 of the project newsletter features an overview of the topics covered by the low-carbon policy papers developed by each of the 10 LOCSEE partner countries. This final issue of the newsletter also contains a detailed report on the Regional Policy Network meeting, held in Athens in October, which focused on the large-scale penetration of renewable energies and the promotion of energy efficiency. Two further articles introduce good practice examples from LOCSEE partners: a new software for monitoring energy consumption in public buildings in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia; and South Tyrol's Energy Climate Strategy, which is designed to help make this Austrian region a model for climate protection and sustainability. The newsletter also gives an overview of the findings of the recently published Fifth Assessment Report of the IPCC.

The LOCSEE project is implemented with the contribution of the REC's Climate Change and Clean Energy Topic Area, and is co-funded by the South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme.