Strategic Moves

Strategic Moves

Eight years of environmental infrastructure investment planning in South Eastern Europe

September 2009 | Print | Book

The development and approval of the Priority Environmental Investment Programme for South Eastern Europe (PEIP) was one of the milestones in the process of environmental reconstruction and EU approximation in South Eastern Europe (SEE). In the period 2001 to 2009, the REC was deeply engaged in assisting the region to identify and prioritise environmental infrastructure projects; building capacity at local, national and regional level; facilitating dialogue between project proponents and financing organisations; and transferring best practices from the new EU member states.

This book presents national policy development, national environmental institutions, environmental infrastructure investments, water and waste utility companies, lists of  priority projects and their development dynamics, key constraints and challenges to investments and possible actions to address them, and other investment-related issues in SEE.

The publication targets both REC’s beneficiaries in SEE within the national and regional administration, as well as donors, international financial institutions (IFIs) and international organisations active in the region.