Urban policy development: Mobilising citizens

Urban policy development: Mobilising citizens

SEiSMiC takeaways

November 2014 | Print | Factsheet

The SEiSMiC project tackles Europe's biggest urban challenges by improving research and helping citizens get more out of it. SEiSMiC is a mutual learning action plan - with city residents on one side, urban researchers on the other, and a shared goal of healthy, vibrant, inclusive cities at its heart.

This factsheet, the first in a series of takeaways that will explore different aspects of the project, describes the activities of the civil society networks established in partner countries, experiments in urban governance, successful examples of neighbourhood transformation, and initiatives towards a new urban economy.

The three-year project supports and adds a social dimension to JPI Urban Europe. It is funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration, and is implemented with the participation of the REC’s Smart Cities and Mobility Topic Area.

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