Targeting Indoor Air Quality in Sustainable Patterns

Targeting Indoor Air Quality in Sustainable Patterns

A SEARCH II project working paper

December 2013 | Print | Book

This working paper, with the results of the SEARCH II project (phase two of the School Environment and Respiratory Health of Children initiative), is intended to open a discussion on the role of sustainability policies related to consumer products and building design for the management of indoor air quality (IAQ), in accordance with statements in the EU Sustainable Development Strategy about preventing unhealthy indoor emissions. The paper is intended to identify gaps in the knowledge and tools needed for effective IAQ management via source control and building design. The paper also discusses the results of the questionnaire sent to the 10 SEARCH II partner countries to investigate IAQ management in order to share knowledge and best practices and raise awareness among local stakeholders.

The SEARCH II project is implemented with the contribution of the REC's Health and Environment Topic Area, and with the financial support of the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea.

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