Aspire! – Issue 4


Newsletter of the SEARCH II project

November 2013 | Print | Periodical

The SEARCH II project is a continuation of the School Environment and Respiratory Health of Children initiative that was first launched in 2006. The research project is implemented within the international frameworks of the EU Action Plan on Environment and Health and the World Health Organization's Children's Environment and Health Action Plan for Europe.

Issue 4 of the newsletter looks back over three years of project implementation, highlighting how SEARCH II has contributed to safeguarding children's health in European schools. In this issue, the focus is on activities in Belarus, Slovakia and Ukraine, where field study results will be used to compile recommendations for improving indoor air quality in classrooms. Along with an article celebrating a decade of cooperation between the REC and the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea on environment and health issues, this final issue of the newsletter presents the views of various experts involved in project management and implementation.

The SEARCH II project is implemented with the contribution of the REC's Health and Environment Topic Area, and with the financial support of the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea.

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