MEDIATION and the Adaptation Challenge

MEDIATION and the Adaptation Challenge

Identifying appropriate methods and tools to support climate change adaptation decision making

June 2013 | Print | Book

The MEDIATION project provided researchers, policy advisors and experts with effective tools and methods for addressing climate change adaptation issues. The project involved 11 partners and produced 11 case studies, five of which are summarised in this publication. The case studies reflect a variety of European regions, different climatic risks and different institutional contexts.

This book outlines the main results of the MEDIATION project, which are reflected in the interactive MEDIATION Adaptation Platform. They comprise the MEDIATION Adaptation Pathfinder, which guides users who want to support their decisions about particular adaptation challenges with the most appropriate methods and tools; the MEDIATION Toolbox, which provides detailed information on around 40 methods and tools; and the MEDIATION Case Study Navigator, which contains the case studies used to build these two tools.  

The MEDIATION project was implemented with the participation of the REC's Climate Change and Clean Energy Topic Area with funding from the EU Seventh Framework Programme.