Cabri Volga Brief – Issue 2

Cabri Volga Brief
December 2006 | Print | Periodical

The semi-annual newsletter Cabri Volga Brief seeks to raise awareness of the Volga region by publishing the views of a variety of stakeholders, disseminating the results and achievements of the Cabri-Volga project, and sharing policy news and best practices from related initiatives.

The Cabri-Volga project, which ran until February 2007, supported information and know-how exchange between Russian and European stakeholders in the water management domain. Its overall aims were to engender effective river basin management, foster cooperation and networking, and promote European integration. It was funded by the EC/UN.

Issue 2 analyses the economic benefits and environmental impacts of a proposal to raise the navigable water level along one section of the Volga River by the construction of a dam. It also reports on the outcomes of expert group discussions organised to discuss policy responses to priority environmental concerns.


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