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MAINGPP: Promotion of, and Evaluation of Barriers to Green Public Procurement (GPP) in the Western Balkan Countries and Turkey

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The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC) Western Balkan countries, Turkey, particularly Croatia, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro 70,000 100.00 16 Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment, the Netherlands (VROM) Government of the Netherlands grants 720/1998 November, 2007
May, 2009
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Green public procurement means bringing environmental concerns into tendering for goods and services. Among the barriers to GPP are the lack of established environmental criteria; lack of information on the relative costs of environmentally friendly products and services; lack of awareness of the benefits of GPP; uncertainty about the legal possibilities for including environmental criteria in tenders; and lack of political support for promoting GPP.



The overall objective was to promote the introduction of GPP practices and to enhance the development of markets for green(er) / more sustainable consumer goods in the Western Balkan countries and Turkey. 


The project included stocktaking of relevant initiatives in Western Balkan countries and Turkey, the identification of barriers to an increased market diffusion of green(er) products and services, and the presentation of results via a regional dissemination event.

  • A survey of the legal and institutional context of public procurement and the identification of relevant policy initiatives, such as a national eco-labelling scheme.
  • Identification of initiatives already in place in Western Balkan countries and Turkey.
  • Interviews with selected key stakeholders and a market survey on the price and availability of green(er) products was prepared in three selected countries: Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Montenegro.
  • National workshops/roundtables on GPP and the development of national “roadmaps of action” towards GPP. 

  • A review of related initiatives in all Western Balkan countries and Turkey.
  • National stakeholder workshops and country-specific studies summarising barriers and presenting policy recommendations in three selected countries.
  • Regional workshop/seminar on GPP for key stakeholders from all countries, focused on the establishment of a regional forum (SEE Governmental Network for Green Public Procurement and Eco-labelling) for the exchange of information and sharing of best practices.
  • Final report.  

Administrative support

- selection of best practices in waste prevention


Strategic support

- preparation of guidelines

- developing prevention indicators

- stakeholder consultation



- website creation