Head office, Hungary

Head office, Hungary





Contact details

Ady Endre ut 9-11
2000 Szentendre
+36 26 504 000
+36 26 311 294

The REC is an international organisation that works as a catalyst, accelerating sustainable solutions in partnership with governments and non-governmental stakeholders. The REC was established in 1990 by Hungary, the United States and the European Commission and is legally based on a charter with over 30 signatories. Our projects focus on helping communities to strengthen environmental governance, shift to a low-carbon economy, build resilience to climate change, manage natural resources, and develop capacities for future environmental stewardship.

With 25 years of experience in supporting the region’s transition to democracy and sustainability, the REC is a flexible mechanism for cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe and beyond, delivering results through its office and expert network.

The organisation’s head office, based in Szentendre, 25 km from the Hungarian capital Budapest, implements and coordinates a wide variety of projects in Hungary.