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April 28, 2014

Romania mulls adoption of Green Pack

Attila Korodi, Romania's Minister of Environment, and REC Executive Director Marta Szigeti Bonifert consulted earlier this month on Romania's possible adoption of the REC-developed Green Pack multimedia environmental education programme.

HOPING FOR LAUNCH: Environment Minister Korodi is familiar with Green Pack's success. Photo: RMDSZ

The Green Pack is a comprehensive education programme on sustainable development for schoolchildren, and is already available in 18 countries. The toolkit is not only a source of valuable information, but it has been developed to encourage changed behaviour and instil sustainable values among children and families, both in schools and in the home.

"I am familiar with the Green Pack as a unique educational product," said Korodi. "I would also like to launch it in Romania with financial support from the environmental fund. This would contribute to our educational system, and teachers and children would benefit."

The Romanian Ministry of Environment and the REC have enjoyed productive cooperation in the recent past. Last year's WaterCore project, which built close cooperation between European regions to promote solutions to problems of water scarcity and drought, is one good example. This year's key partnership effort is the OrientGate project, which aims to develop lasting relationships between knowledge communities and institutions to tackle climate change in the Southeast European region.