Everything's coming up roses

April 1, 2014

REC initiative inspires Macedonian pupils to get creative

Photos: Dejan Kovacevic
During last year's spring celebration "City of Skopje: City of the White Rose", REC Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia involved the city's primary schools in a wonderful crafts exhibition. Drawing inspiration from that successful event, REC cooperation with the Macedonian Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning (MoEPP) resulted in another activity this year: the organisation of a state crafts competition based on the theme of the rose.


Hundreds of student entries arrived at the MoEPP's Public Relations Office, which led to a decision to award three prizes in three categories: grades 1 to 3, grades 4 to 6, and grades 7 to 9. Certificates were awarded for collective work (by a group of pupils), in addition to a special award given to a school.

The local business sector furnished the awards for the three categories. Notebooks and encyclopaedias were awarded in the first category; Adora-brand bicycles were awarded in the second category; and backpacks and Evropa-manufactured sweets were awarded in the third category.

FYRRoses2The rest of the awards for acclaimed individuals, groups and schools were provided by REC Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in the form of Green Pack and Green Pack Junior products:

  • The REC donated either copies of the book Bojan and Jana or Green Pack or Green Pack Junior CDs for the best collective work, depending on the age of the winning pupils. Winning teachers received one multimedia pack.
  • Copies of the Green Pack and Green Pack Junior multimedia kits were awarded to especially creative schools.
  • Bojan and Jana, one Green Pack CD and one Green Pack Junior CD were awarded to especially creative pupils.

Students also read original poems about roses during the awards ceremony.

Following the activities this year and last year, REC Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia hopes that the Days of Spring initiative will gather further momentum and take place on an even larger scale.

Photos of the awards presentation are available here on the REC Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia website. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to click on the individual photos.