EMC develops new reporting solutions at Belgrade training

September 8, 2011

Serbian center also establishes cooperation with industrial partners

The Environmental Management Center in Serbia (EMC) held a second training for local experts in Belgrade from August 29 to September 2. The session offered advanced training to EMC experts, with clear goals established for both "Consultancy" and "Solution" group members.

FULL COMPLIANCE: The PC solution applies, along with others, to companies operating in Serbia's Kolubara mining basin. Photos: Courtesy of EMC

The main project partners (the Serbian Environment Protection Agency, Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe and Norwegian company Emisoft AS) adopted two solutions on September 1: the Competent Authority TEAMS solution (CA) and the Parent Client solution (PC).

The CA solution is designed according to rules of Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR), and is built to receive annual PRTR reports from client companies and provide aggregated and quality-controlled data needed to report to the EU.

According to the PC solution, all participating client companies will receive customised solutions based on specific needs. This ensures that client solutions will be consistent and in compliance with the European PRTR protocol.

Both the CA and PC solutions will provide Serbia with a state-of-the-art environmental management system to ensure compliance, transparency and traceability with regard to reporting to national competent authorities and the European Union.

SIGNING OFF: Officially adopting the TEAMS solution for SEPA and industry clients are (L to R): Emisoft AS Director Svein Giskegjerde, SEPA Director Momcilo Zivkovic and REC Deputy Executive Director Radoje Lausevic.

Meetings with representatives from the EMC's first two industry client-partners were held in parallel with the training, leading to formerly established cooperation with one of the leading steel producers in South-East Europe (U.S. Steel Serbia), as well as a public enterprise in the Kolubara mining basin (Electric Power Industry of Serbia). These two enterprises, of a planned total of 10, will be the first to use the EMC's new environmental accounting and reporting system.