REC-developed Green Pack to be included in EFE documents

September 2, 2011

Multimedia educational toolkit to feature prominently at ministerial conference in Astana

BEYOND THE CLASSROOM: Students take away something new from the Green Pack Bus in Kosovo. Photo: REC Archive
The Green Pack, an educational multimedia toolkit developed by the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC), will be among the circulated documents at the Seventh "Environment for Europe" Ministerial Conference in Astana, Kazakhstan, held on September 21-23.

Introduced in 2001 and spearheaded by Kliment Mindjov, the Green Pack has proved an extraordinary success, reaching more than 3 million students in 18 countries -- most of them primary school students in Central and Eastern Europe. More than 30,000 teachers have been trained in how to use Green Pack materials in the classroom.

It is especially fitting that the Ministerial Conference in Astana highlights the Green Pack as an official document, as this unique educational endeavour was initially inspired by the Environment for Europe political process.

"The Green Pack educational materials have interpreted the Environment for Europe process' sophisticated political messages -- on implementation of the sustainable development concept in the context of the democratisation of Central and Eastern Europe -- by adapting them for specific groups of educators, teachers and students," REC Executive Director Marta Szigeti Bonifert explains.

Developing the Green Pack has been -- like the EfE process itself -- a long-term and complex process. The interactive toolkit covers no less than 20 topics on development and the environment, each presented in a carefully-crafted environmental, economic and social context. The materials stress the formation of new values and establishment of new behavioural models at school, at home and in society. This encourages students and teachers to take a proactive approach to the difficult environmental challenges that we face today.

"It is our deep belief that the Green Pack DVD can provide very useful background information for the ministerial debate in Astana," says Szigeti Bonifert with the event just a few weeks away, "and we would like to inspire other countries and donors to spread further the main values and principles of sustainability."

Please consult the linked PDF file, "Green Pack: Turning innovative education into action for a sustainable future", for a detailed project and product description.

Also, visit the REC website for more information on the Green Pack.