Building sustainable peace through environmental projects

In a recently published article in the EU Research and Innovation Magazine Horizon, REC executive director Mihail Dimovski explains how the REC's programmes help create stability in areas of conflict.

March 20, 2018

Mr. Dimovski's comments about the REC's role in conflict resolution appeared in the article "Peacebuilding in conflict zones demands people-centric approach", published on March 19. The article focuses on how peace can be promoted by putting people at the centre of efforts to rebuild society in the wake of conflicts, and by fostering cooperation on politically neutral issues, such as the environment. According to Mr. Dimovski, in situations of open conflict it is important to get stakeholders around the same table. In Ukraine, for example, the REC has recently begun a new mission to support renewables and energy efficiency, not only helping to strengthen the economy, but also contributing to the creation of a platform for stability. The programme, which builds on the REC's many years of experience in the Balkans, was launched in January 2018 and will bring about change by its spillover effect on issues that are not its primary objective. What is essential, explains Mr. Dimovski, is for the process to have an impact on people's everyday lives. 

TAGS: conflict resolution | stability | peace | Ukraine | energy efficiency