The WATER SUM team in Tunisia

In a packed month for the WATER SUM team, events and workshops are being held in Tunisia to present project achievements to date, share information and build capacities for water resources management.

March 16, 2018

On March 12, farmers’ associations (GDAs) and representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Hydraulic Resources and Fishery participated in a capacity-building event designed to strengthen the role of GDAs, explain the government’s related strategy and present international examples of successful water demand management concepts. A report of the meeting, with the agenda and presentations, can be found on the WATER SUM website

On the following day, ministry representatives and GDAs were joined by representatives of the regional agricultural development commissions (CRDAs) for a workshop on financing rural drinking water services. The event attracted great interest, and the number of participants exceeded expectations. After presentations on financing needs, support mechanisms and related international experience, participants identified further research and consultancy needs. The presentations from the workshop are available here

The fifth meeting of the project’s Flood Forecasting Early Warning System Task Force took place in the same location on March 14, providing an opportunity to present and discuss data collection and validation to date, and to review progress made with respect to data analysis. On the next day, representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Hydraulic Resources and Fisheries, the National Institute of Meteorology, the General Department of Water Resources, the REC and other stakeholders gathered for the second stakeholders’ meeting, the main objectives of which were to review, discuss and plan future steps and strategies for the successful completion of project tasks.

WATER SUM activities in Tunisia continue in March with an international meeting on water action as key to sustainable development in the MENA region and the fourth WATER SUM Steering Committee meeting on March 27; and the two-day regional workshop on the principles of integrated water resources management, to be held on March 29 and 30.

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