WATER SUM field visits to Tunisian partners

February 24, 2018 | By Danko Aleksic

In the framework of the Water and Security component of the WATER SUM project, the REC provided grants to assist the local-level implementation of identified priority activities aimed at improving local water security and sustainable development planning in partner communities in Tunisia.

Following the successful development of local water security action plans (LWSAPs) by local planning teams, and their endorsement by relevant authorities, four pilot project proposals were approved for the available grants in Tunisia:

  • Maintenance and Rehabilitation of 50 Traditional Reservoirs (Matmata)
  • Contribution to the Improvement of the Drinking Water Supply (Sidi Ali Ben Aoun)
  • Water Harvesting and Sanitation for School and Community (Bir Mchergha)
  • Building of Seven Water Storage Reservoirs and Rehabilitation of Two Reservoirs for the Jarda Region (Nefza)

Between January 29 and February 1, 2018, WATER SUM project team members Jovanka Ignjatovic and Danko Aleksic, accompanied by Ms Katrin Aidnell of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), visited the four partner communities to:

  • oversee the finalisation of activities;
  • analyse the problems encountered during implementation, as well as lessons learned; and
  • discuss possibilities for a second phase of pilot projects in selected partner communities.

At the end of the field visit, it was concluded that, apart from delays in one of the partner delegations, the pilot projects had been completed successfully. Representatives of all the partner communities expressed their gratitude to the REC and Sida for the support provided and expressed their keen interest in continuing the fruitful cooperation.

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