Video/animation enthusiasts from Latin America and the Caribbean get creative for the environment

March 16, 2017

On March 20, 2017, the winners of the video/animation competition dubbed "Our Environment, Our Voices" will be announced. The competition, launched in October 2016, aims to raise awareness of the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) Declaration on Principle 10. Principle 10 seeks to ensure that people receive timely and ample environmental information (Access to Information); have an opportunity to actively participate in decision-making processes (Public Participation), and a fair chance to legal redress if they have been wronged (Access to Justice). The announcement will be made in Brasilia, Brazil, on the first day of the Sixth Meeting of the Negotiating Committee for a Regional Agreement on Principle 10.

The contestants are Flavia Fochesato of Argentina; Clish Gittens of Barbados; Ulises Vera of Mexico; Ted Sandiford of Saint Lucia; and Daryll Griffith of Trinidad and Tobago. The five entries, which can be seen on the official competition page, have received positive feedback from the public.

So what will these lucky contestants win? First place will receive a voucher valued at USD 800 and second place will receive a voucher valued at USD 400, both from an acclaimed online electronics store. Both of the winning entries will be featured at the Sixth Meeting of the Negotiating Committee in Brasilia. The prizes for this competition are awarded with the kind support of the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea, in the framework of the project “Building Bridges between Regions: Interregional cooperation on the implementation of Principle 10 of Rio Declaration and Article 6 of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in the Caribbean region”, implemented by the REC.

"Civil society should join forces in spreading the word of the rights that Principle 10 of Rio Declaration enshrines", explains REC senior expert Tsvetelina Filipova. "Nowadays, there are varieties of tools you can employ to share an important message and reach out to many. These videos are a powerful attempt in this direction! Watch, enjoy, share!”

The 6th Meeting of the Negotiating Committee will be streamed live from the technical secretariat’s website. Members of the public are invited to visit the LAC P10 Facebook page for regular updates during the negotiations.

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