Veles hosts UNEP training on fuel economy

May 20, 2016

Within the “Stabilising GHG Emissions from Road Transport through Doubling of Global Vehicle Fuel Economy” project, REC Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia organised a three-day event called “National Training for Fuel Economy Policies”, which was held on May 17-19 in Veles, FYR Macedonia.

Fifteen participants from various national institutions and organisations participated in the training, which was conducted by Alexander Koerner, an international expert from Germany, and UNEP representative envoy Elisa Dumitrescu.

The training covered a wide range of topics, such as: fuel economy and fuel consumption, fuel economy and climate change, CO2 emissions and pollution, and connections between fuel economy and fuel quality.

Training sessions featured discussions about standards, registration fees, passenger fees, registration of important vehicles, and various soft measures (e.g. labelling, eco-driving campaigns). Participants also discussed ramifications for national stakeholders and the applicability of legal actions.

One of the final sessions of the training explored international experience with fuel economy policies — specifically, an April 2016 report from the International Energy Agency titled “Technology and Legal Drivers of the Fuel Economy of New Light Vehicles”.

Elisa Dumitrescu wrapped up with a presentation on international experience with fuel economy policies, sharing the latest GFEI report on world trends.

The event enabled participants and internal experts to help pave the way for the next steps to be taken in FYR Macedonia to provide better fuel economy.