SmartMove Waldviertel campaign cuts CO2 emissions by 2 tonnes per year

March 24, 2016

The SmartMove project’s ‘active mobility consultancy’ (AMC) campaigns, currently being tested in eight rural regions across Europe, demonstrate a clear potential to reduce energy use and CO2 emissions. One such campaign is taking place in Waldviertel, Austria.

The ex post evaluation report (PDF) of the Waldviertel-Wachau implementation region provides an overview of the process and identifies the costs and impacts of the AMC campaign, which was implemented from spring to autumn 2015. The results show clear potential for the AMC campaign to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. This potential can be further exploited by involving more people in the AMC campaign and by extending the campaign to other geographic areas.

The framework conditions remained unchanged during the campaign, allowing one to draw the conclusion that any changes in transport demand in the region have been mainly driven by the impact of the AMC campaign. The response of the campaign's dialogue marketing component was 11 percent of all contacted persons. An additional 1,870 persons were contacted during other active measures.

The main impacts of the AMC campaign are based on interviews with participants: 91 percent learned new information because of the campaign; 48 percent feel motivated to reduce car use; and 22 percent have increased their public transport usage, which corresponds with an average shift of three car trips per week to public transport. The net result of these changes is a reduction in CO2 emissions 2 tonnes per year. It thus appears likely that the envisaged objectives and quantified targets of the AMC campaign will be reached.

As a SmartMove project partner, the REC is in charge of disseminating information about project activities through print and electronic media, and also produces the project website.

TAGS: Sustainable mobility | Public transport | Emissions reduction | Austria | Best practices | Rural initiatives