MENA focuses on November Water Convention in Budapest

November 12, 2015

MENA_ChainBridgeThe Regional Environmental Center (REC) is proud to announce the workshop "Promoting transboundary water cooperation in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region on the basis of the Water Convention", to be held on November 16, 2015, in Budapest, Hungary.

Organised with the financial and technical backing of the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea in cooperation with the REC and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), and with the support of the Government of Hungary, the workshop will be held back to back with the seventh session of the Meeting of the Parties (MOP) to the UNECE Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes (the Water Convention) (Budapest, Hungary, November 17-19, 2015).

The workshop is a follow-up to the International Roundtable on Transboundary Water Resources Management in the Southern Mediterranean (held in Rome on November 26-27, 2012) and to the national and regional workshops held across the region since 2013. The aim is to take stock of progress achieved and discuss the needs of the MENA countries that are moving towards accession to the Water Convention, as well as possible activities to respond to such needs.

Participants will include delegates from Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Tunisia, as well as representatives from civil society active in the MENA region. Representatives from UNECE countries and international experts (for example from the Implementation Committee and river basin organisations) will also participate. In addition, representatives of international organisations, donor organisations, cooperation agencies and non-governmental organisations will be invited.

Further details about the event, including draft agenda and background documents, can be found on the UNECE website.

Update: A summary of the event can be read here.