European Mobility Week and Do the Right Mix, two separate EC mobility campaigns, join forces!

April 30, 2015

RightMix_BannerAs of June 2015, European Mobility Week and Do the Right Mix will be merged into a wider European sustainable urban mobility campaign. The initiative is politically and financially supported by the Directorates-General for Mobility and Transport and Environment of the European Commission. The EU level coordination and day-to-day operation is managed by a consortium including three city networks (EUROCITIES, ICLEI, Polis), a professional communication agency (ICF-MOSTRA) and a recognised international organisation (Regional Environmental Center).

The aim is to expand and complement the established European Mobility Week format with year-round activities and to create a single online community platform for the promotion of sustainable urban transport in Europe. Via the platform, European Mobility Week campaigners, local authorities, NGOs, citizen groups, public and private institutions, transport operators and companies will be able to register and showcase their promotional initiatives, look for inspirational campaign concepts and manuals, network and share guidance and advice with other campaigners, request official EU endorsement (under strict participation rules) and apply for European sustainable urban mobility awards.

RightMix_LogoAlthough the merged campaign will adopt the name and logo of the Do the Right Mix campaign, European Mobility Week will remain the annual highlight and continue to take place each year from 16 to 22 September. Participation criteria and procedures for registration and validation will stay the same; the existing promotional and inspirational tools such as the promotional brochure, Thematic Guidelines, the Handbook for Local Campaigners, the Best Practice Guide etc. will be redesigned and expanded. To overcome language barriers, the European secretariat will make selected supporting materials available in all official EU languages.

As of this year, European Mobility Week will be visualised by its name, displayed in blue capital letters in the European Commission's font, with the word 'mobility' in bold.


The official launch of the new website is planned for the second half of June. The existing European Mobility Week website will be kept operational until then and allow for registration in the interim period.


Although the new European sustainable urban mobility campaign's overall aim is to promote multimodal travel, each edition of European Mobility Week will continue to have an annual thematic focus and call-to-action which is selected in close consultation with the European Commission and the network of National Coordinators.

To celebrate the launch of the merged campaign in 2015, it was decided to adopt the overall theme of inter-modality and the corresponding call-to-action 'Choose. Change. Combine'. The idea is to encourage people to think about the range of transport options available, and to choose the right mode when travelling, inviting them to combine ways of getting around, which can often lead to a quicker and more pleasant journey.

For any further questions regarding European Mobility Week and the new sustainable urban mobility campaign, please contact the European secretariat at EUROCITIES:

Juan Caballero;; Tel: +32 2 552 08 75

Peter Staelens;; Tel +32 2 552 08 66