Chinese and European practices: Lectures now available for viewing!

E-learning course on urban sustainability and low-carbon development

March 23, 2015


Cities around the world are increasingly facing the challenges of mass urbanisation. Rapid urban growth, higher energy demand and consumption, and rising levels of pollution are driving the need for new patterns and models, in which sustainable development solutions are a key element in advancing urbanisation and managing its after effects. Focusing on new, decentralised energy technologies and enhancing the share of renewable energies can help to safeguard the environment and human wellbeing, while at the same time accelerating positive change in both urban and rural areas.

The fourth component of the EC2 e-learning training course introduces the Demo Zone Toolkit, which was designed to support local governments and institutions in China in the fields of energy and urban development and regeneration. The toolkit comprises a set of flexible tools for decision making, involvement and partnership, technology development and business planning. In addition, the e-learning course presents the Low-Carbon Model Towns (LCMT) initiative of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), which is actively supported by the Chinese Government. The LCMT initiative aims to combine energy-efficient buildings, means of transportation and power systems in order to create communities in which reductions in energy use, lower carbon emissions and healthy living conditions are dovetailed in an affordable way.

The e-learning programme features two interconnected series focusing on the Demo Zone Toolkit and the APEC LCMT initiative. It also integrates two levels of engagement, according to the envisaged goals and the target audiences. The programme comprises keynote addresses, thematic presentations and supporting training materials. Key experts introduce the key aspects of the Demo Zone Toolkit; while Chinese and European experts present best practice examples, challenges and difficulties relating to the LCMT.

Training materials are available for Chinese and European stakeholders and experts from the public, business and finance sectors, creating an opportunity for a wider audience to find out about the showcased activities and to explore possibilities for cooperation. Visit and join the lectures!