Janos Zlinszky | Director of the Sustainable Development Academy

As director of the Sustainable Development Academy (SDA) he is involved in the design, management and teaching of the Course for Sustainability, a course for key government officials run in partnership with Venice International University and other academic institutions. The SDA also manages programmes for young leaders and promotes public education for sustainable development.

He is former head of the Department for Strategy and Research in the Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Future Generations. He also served as senior advisor on environmental policy to the president of Hungary, and as senior advisor to the executive director of the REC.

In 2003, he was visiting professor at the Ecole Superieure de Commerce et de Management (ESCEM, France), where he designed and taught a course on sustainable development. Earlier teaching and research experience includes work at Carleton University, Ottawa, and a fellowship with Cambridge University, where he taught courses in environmental politics as part of the MSc programme, and introductory courses for master's degrees in environmental law. In 1996, he set up the Department for Environment Studies at the Catholic University in Hungary and continues to serve as associate professor in the Department for Environmental Law and Competition Law in the Faculty of Law at Pazmany Peter Catholic University in Budapest.

Janos Zlinszky has published extensively and has presented at many conferences over the years. His qualifications include doctorates in natural sciences and environmental biology from the Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest, and a PhD from the University of Ulster, Coleraine, UK. He is a member of various academic societies and NGOs engaged in work for sustainability, among them Societas Internationalis Limnologiae, and the Balaton Group.