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IPLA Global Forum calls on municipal, local authorities
September 22, 2014

The IPLA Global Forum 2014 was held on September 8-9 in Sao Paulo, Brazil as a side event of the ISWA 2014 World Congress. The forum was organised...

Go Green mobile app promoted in Skopje
September 19, 2014

The City of Skopje was the scene of another exciting event during European Mobility Week 2014 -- namely, the presentation of a new, innovative mobile...

24 reasons for tuning in
September 16, 2014

On September 16-17, 2014, the 4th annual award-winning 24 Hours of Reality will commence, and for 24 straight hours we will once again focus the world's attention on an issue that is truly...

European Mobility Week kicks off on September 16
September 12, 2014

The 13th annual European Mobility Week kicks off across the continent on September 16. This is a week-long campaign in European towns and cities that traditionally concludes with the 'In...

M2RES project closes in Budapest
June 25, 2014

The M2RES project held its Hungarian closing event on May 21, 2014, which included a training session on the financial sustainability of brownfield developments. The event took...

The longest day
June 16, 2014

When the Sun aligns with the Tropic of Cancer every June 21, the Northern Hemisphere experiences its longest day of the year. This year, June 21 is not just an opportunity to enjoy this...

Shared vision for the Lepenec River
June 11, 2014

The first meeting under the recently launched project "Lepenec River Protection via the Introduction of Integrated Water Management" was held on May 29, 2014, in the Macedonian capital...

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