First Media Workshop

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Jul 12, 2018





This Workshop, organized within framework of ELAN “Environmental Lobbying and Advocacy CSO Network”,  will provide selected media with the information on the purpose and importance of EIAs and SEAs. The workshop will focus on transparency, objectivity, comprehensiveness and inclusiveness of EIA/SEA processes, in order to identify key elements which should be monitored by media but also environment in general.

Journalists and editors will learn more about:  
• Ways of getting the information from reliable information sources;
• Ways of presenting the environmental stories;
• Ways of overcoming the obstacles when it comes to publishing the story, or “pushing” it to the front pages or prime time news;
• Communication between journalists and editors (means of ‘persuasion’);
• Providing adequate kind and amount of information taking into account target group; 
• Finding the balance between making the story scientifically-correct and attractive, and
• Dealing with sensitive cases where media outlets are exposed to the pressure of political or industrial lobbies.