First ClairCity conference to point the way towards a clear future

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May 22–24, 2017




REC Conference Center


Regional Environmental Center in cooperation with UWE


EU, Horizon2020




The ClairCity project meeting, conference, and advisory board meeting will take place in Szentendre, Hungary at the REC Conference Centre. The event is organised by the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC).

The conference theme for 2017 is “Tackling urban air quality: citizen-led approaches.” In addition to hosting a wide range of speakers from the ClairCity project, the project's advisory panel and other invited guests will participate as well.

In order to tackle environment and health-related issues in the European cities and regions, it is important to have necessary levels of interest and expertise in how these problems are related to issues of air quality and climate change.

At this first conference, we will focus our attention on the practical implications of current research on behavioural change related to environmental and social issues, and also on public engagement. Time has been allocated for each lecturer to allow time for response and discussion, and we hope that participation in this conference will enable the project partnership to elaborate a clear vision for the future on how to address air quality, climate change and public health-related issues.

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