Climate Change and Security in the Framework of the ENVSEC Initiative

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Jan 31 – Feb 2, 2017


European Union Instrument for Stability; Austrian Development Agency


The  training on climate change and security is part of the project “Climate Change and Security in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and South Caucasus”, implemented in the framework of the Environmental and Security (ENVSEC) Initiative. Among the tasks already completed within the project are climate change and security assessment reports in the three target regions; national and regional consultations; and the adoption of an adaptation strategy for the Dniester River.

Participants from relevant ministries and civil society organisations will undergo two and a half days of training to learn about the impacts of climate change on energy security, water security, food security, health security and disaster risk reduction. The training will include presentations, videos, discussions, site visits and group exercises. The training will be strongly based on the outputs of other project components, such as regional climate security assessments in the three target supra-regions, and the adaptation strategy process for the Dniester River.