Air Pack: A Tool for Environmental Education

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Nov 15, 2016


Marrakech, Morocco


Italian Pavilion


REC, with the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea and the Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research


The side event will take place in the Italian Pavilion, from 13:00 to 15:00.

Amid the considerable research and policy discussions on how climate change may affect public health, a subject that requires further attention are the impacts of climate change on indoor environments, and thereby on the health of the people who live, work, study or play in them.

Through the SEARCH Initiative (School Environment and Respiratory Health of Children), the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea, in partnership with the REC and the Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA), has made a major contribution to positive developments and fundamental improvements in the environment, health and education sectors in the European, regional and national context. The SEARCH Initiative resonated with global studies and with the policies of the WHO and EU, underlining that air quality and climate policies provide mutual benefits. While climate change mitigation actions can help to reduce air pollution, clean air measures can help to cut GHG emissions, leading to reductions in global warming. Education and training are essential in enabling citizens’ contributions to local and global efforts to meet the climate change challenge. Increased knowledge about the causes and impacts of climate change will have an effect on everyday lives.

Following a decade of international research to improve school environments and the respiratory health of children, the Air Pack, an educational toolkit, translates the SEARCH Initiative recommendations into a user-friendly format for school teachers and students. Piloted in Italy and Albania, the Air Pack has become a recognised tool for integrating health, climate and environment issues into the education sectors in Europe and beyond.

This event in Morocco will provide an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the Air Pack as a best practice for raising awareness among decision makers, policy makers, agencies and other stakeholders on the impacts of climate change on children’s health, and the increase in climate-related threats to outdoor and indoor air quality. It will also be an opportunity to promote the achievements of the project supported by the Government of Italy; to attract interest among resource partners and beneficiaries in the continuation and expansion of the Air Pack to other countries in the most threatened regions (e.g. the Western Balkans, Eastern Partnership countries and Southern Neighbourhood countries); to intensify the focus on climate change issues; and to create a launch pad for a toolkit and regional/sub-regional workshop on environmental education on climate change for a specific region of interest, based on the commitments of the UNFCCC and Paris Agreement and the mandate of the REC as regional focal point for Article 6 of the UNFCCC.


  • Francesco La Camera, Director General, IMELS
  • Marta Szigeti Bonifert, Executive Director, REC
  • Elisabetta Colaiacomo, IMELS
  • Mihallaq Qirjo, Deputy Executive Director (acting), REC, with input by Francesca De Maio, ISPRA
  • Luciana Sinisi, Air Pack expert, ISPRA